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Innovative and fully remote programming lessons for kids and teens!

Our centers offer programming lessons for students between the ages of 6 and 18! At MindHub, students develop their algorithmic, logical and analytical thinking, while learning about the foundations of programming - either on site or completely online!

Interactive online learning for your kid

  • Free demonstration lessons, workshops, courses and virtual camps

  • Individual approach to every student in small groups

  • Friendly social environment and inspiring, interactive experiences through Zoom with a LIVE mentor

  • Topics students love - like Minecraft, Scratch, Tynker, Roblox and others

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Our workshops and classes are suitable for kids and teens between 6 and 18 years old. We use the most innovative methods for teaching kids programming with live, motivating mentors to engage and help your kid make most of the learning online.

Our learning groups are small - from 6 to 8 students per class to pay individual attention to each kid.

Why should you enroll your kid?

  • We work with motivated and highly-qualified mentors, with experience in teaching virtually

  • We use innovative teaching methods and personal approach

  • We help your kid develop creativity and teamwork

  • We offer innovative and diverse courses, suitable for both beginners and advanced learners

  • We give you unrestricted access to exceptional resources related to programming

Free demon lessons

Our demo lessons are suitable for children aged 6-11 years and teenagers aged 12-15 years, both for beginners and advanced learners. The demonstrations are held in the form of a workshop with the children, while parents participate in a brief discussion with us in the last 10 minutes. The whole duration is 60 minutes.

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Upcoming workshops

Our virtual workshops give students the opportunity to build in-demand skills and bond with friends online, all from the comfort of their home.

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Give your child the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment with highly qualified mentors.

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Online Courses

Age 8-9

Level 1 - Little Enthusiast Programmer

basic course
Age 10-11

Level 1 - Beginner Programmer

basic course


You captivated my daughter Alex’s attention with your free demonstration and teaching methodology. I find it really useful to receive feedback on her performance. I see that she doesn’t give up, so I know you keep her motivated to continue learning with you.

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Alex's parent

You ignited my daughter interest and managed to keep it up even during the pandemic - she was really excited and she obviously liked what they were doing with her mentor Dara.

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Asya Tsoneva
Dimana's parent

It's really important to us that our kid feels happy, eager to start the next lesson, wants to learn new things, sees the results of her work and proudly demonstrates the skills she has acquired in MindHub to her classmates.

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Online programming courses for kids

Our regular online courses are also suitable for children aged 6-11 years and teenagers aged 12-15 years, regardless of their programming experience. Classes are held once a week, on weekdays and/or on weekends and last 120 minutes. After the end of each module, we give you feedback on how your kid performed and we issue a certificate for successfully completing 4 modules.

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