Roblox game development

At this level, the kids get to develop their own games using their favourite Roblox gaming platform. With the help of the Roblox Studio game engine, the kids get to create different types of games. We begin by creating obstacle course games and end with exciting races between rivals. At this level, the kids get to learn the basic concepts of game design and the basics of the Lua programming language. We also revise the basic concepts studied so far, but this time we use a real programming language. Starting with block programming, the kids progress smoothly to the real world and the real programming languages. By the end of this level, the kids have a set of games they are able to share with their friends and play together.


Certificates Mindhub

The student will receive а certificate for each completed level.

Bonus points

500 points

Each completed module brings you 100 points and the full level brings you another 500 points.


wonder scratch-logo hopscotch microbit

Some of the instruments and programming environments used by the students at this level.


One level = 4 Modules


One module = 4 Classes


One class = 120 minutes



Module 1 - Learning the Basics with Roblox Studio. Obby Game

In the first module, we get to know the Roblox game programming environment and the programming language used to develop Roblox games – Lua. We are going to introduce the main elements of Roblox Studio and learn how to create elements in our game. In this module, we create our own obstacle course game. In it, the player jumps from object to object while avoiding obstacles to reach the end of the level.


  1. Introduction to RobloxStudio and Lua
  2. Creating with Roblox and programming with Lua
  3. Creating complex elements and complex scripts
  4. Moving about


Module 2 - Adventure Map

In the second module, we get to develop our own adventure game where the player explores our world. In this module, we focus on the main elements of adventure games. The player discovers elements on the map, collects them and sells them to win gold. With the collected gold, they can buy a larger bag to collect more elements.  


  1. Creating your own weapon in the game
  2. Creating objects to collect during the game
  3. Collecting and selling objects
  4. Creating our own shop to sell and improve


Module 3 - Infinite Runner

In the third module, we get to create our own Infinite Runner Game where the player needs to avoid the incoming obstacles and stay alive for as long as possible. In this module, we get to create, colour and move objects in the game using programming code.


  1. Create moving objects
  2. Build with code
  3. Draw with code
  4. Finalize your game


Module 4 - Battle Royale

In the fourth module, we get to create our own Battle Royale game. In this type of games, opponents compete until only one player remains in the arena. This type of games includes a way to eliminate players. When only one player survives or the timer ends, the match ends and a new round begins. When developing this kind of game, we go through different phases: game planning, design, coding and testing, game improvements.


  1. Create a Multiplayer game
  2. Controlling the players
  3. Create a timer within the game
  4. End of the match