What is the impact technologies have and how to get the most of it for children between 5 and 15 years?

What is the impact technologies have and how to get the most of it for children between 5 and 15 years?

With the constant development of technology, it becomes more and more inevitable that they take over our lives. With a dynamic pace, everything around us evolves and automates - unlocking the car, buying tickets for public transport, paying with a touch of the phone, or other innovative processes that ease our daily life and save us time.

However, this also raises concern in many parents who think technology occupies too much of the attention and real-life communication that is otherwise so important for their kids. Technologies have an impact on us and our children, but it is not necessarily a negative one as many myths suggest.

The truth is, tech innovations, and the huge impact of the Internet, in particular, has, can have a fundamental contribution to our perceptions if used the right way. But how to get the most of them?

Development of technologies and their implementation in our daily lives

One-click away. Almost everything is now accessible with just a click of the mouse - shopping, communication, receiving information, and as we’ve learned after the last circumstances during the pandemic - studying and work processes as well.

According to data from the National Statistic Institute in Bulgaria for the last 10 years, there has been a 42% rise in access to the Internet, thus, to technologies.

However, the more they improve and evolve, the more focused they become on the benefits they can bring. And while children before the age of 6 are still advancing their communication skills and technology would rather stand in the way of their perceptions about the world around them, after this age they have fully extended their awareness to the positive impact they can receive. Including the development of abstract thinking, logic, and perceptions of the virtual, as well as the growth of consciousness.

Nowadays, we are constantly witnessing the innovative approaches that are being used for technology, and it is clear that they are yet to experience many more changes. They will replace some professions, others will develop, the nature of our daily habits will change and they will have a much greater impact on how we look at everything around us.

How will all of this influence our children and their behaviour 

Data from the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health show that children between the ages of 3 and 5 spend 28 hours a week in front of the screen. For this age group, the data sounds a bit scary. By 5-6 years of age, children are still developing their communication skills and the impact of technology is rather negative and takes the real-life touch. Even if it’s for 4 hours a day.

However, the more they grow, the more they feel the need for information, to develop the acceptance of such and how to deal with it. Thus, taking online courses, watching educational videos or using free online platforms to enrich their knowledge, actually becomes a great advantage.

The balance between spending time with technology and the other activities necessary for children's development is what can have the most positive effect on their behaviour.

The influence of technology becomes a significant part of the development of children in relation to the world we live in now. They learn how to be more analytical, how to understand the logic of cyberspace and technology and be prepared for the future that awaits us all.

At MindHub we trust innovative and interactive approaches. To turn programming into attraction and fun, we offer the kids alternative ways to get to know the subject - tools that make it easy to understand programming languages, robotics, finding solutions and creating algorithms. These tools are for example our specialized lessons in Minecraft games with blocks, the robots Dash and Dot, 3D games with KODU, Roblox and many more.

The advantages of technologies

Technologies are indisputably a great source of information, a means of communication and the development of knowledge and intelligence. Kids can acquire many skills and develop their attitude perceptions by amplifying innovation. 

The time spent in front of the TV can be actually spent by watching an educational program. The time in front of the computer gives access to countless courses, cultivating the mind and logic games, videos with informative purposes and artificial intelligence in general, which gives new and different knowledge to children that can be difficult to obtain elsewhere.

The development of abstract thinking and distinguishing the difference between technological algorithms and the application of this logic in real-time is fundamental for children.

Used properly, technology can contribute to the highly intellectual growth of a child's mind. That is why there is an increasing emphasis on creative ways to fully take advantage of technologies.

A balance between time in front of the screen and outside

As much as technology offers benefits, it is also important to emphasize the valuable free time - sports, reading, games, entertainment and worthwhile time with family and friends. All this must be carefully balanced to ensure the best possible growth of the child.

Try combining the time in front of the screen with the time away from it. Everything around us is already so well designed and improved that with just a little imagination and creativity, we can turn the process of learning into fun and fill the free time with activities that are good for both the body and mind.

The approach we use in our group activities is specially prepared to be useful in several lines at once. As children develop their communication skills by being in groups with other children, we present the sometimes boring material in an interactive way to get their attention and use systems designed so that they can easily absorb all information. At the same time, we know how exciting the games are for them so we combine the process with entertainment and motivation coming naturally for them 

In the heart of everything is balance. Yes, technology can sometimes be harmful if overused, but it can also be very useful if utilized in frames and with the right motives.

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