Top 5 Reasons Why Kids Should Start Learning Code In 2020

Top 5 Reasons Why Kids Should Start Learning Code In 2020

There are many reasons why your kids should start learning code, especially in 2020. We chose to share the top five, which in our opinion matter the most.

In our fast-changing world, being at the forefront is vital. No matter whether you want your child to succeed in life, academically, or in their career, coding will help them improve mathematics, writing, and communication skills.

There are many reasons why coding is so crucial for kids and why computer programming should be taught at every school. Starting to code from an early age will give them better chances for success.

Coding will teach your kid how to think

Learning code teaches kids how to think because it is not just about learning how to type lines of code. It is more about teaching them to start thinking in another way. Everybody needs logical thinking. Or just a little bit, but still. 

It is an essential skill, especially if you are an IT specialist. For example, you may need to analyze a problem and break it down to smaller pieces for an effective way, which is mostly known as computational thinking. Breaking down a larger issue to pieces is one of the key features of computational thinking.

Coding improves problem-solving skills

It is challenging to find a larger problem, to break it down to little pieces, and then to solve them one by one. We already marked that process in our previous point as a major for computational thinking. Kids learn how to find problems, why they are problems, how to proceed to eliminate them, and how to prevent future appearing.

Every computer coding language it's different and has its pros and cons. Getting familiar with many coding languages as a kid is vital. You can go through them in general and will understand if something is more exciting and prospective for you. Coding forces you to find a problem part that will be then logically solved. The same approach will be useful in life in general.

Learning to code will give your child a better chance to learn a problem-solving skill while they are still young. This skill can ensure their success in their potential future problems in personal life.

Coding is fun and improves creativity

Kids learn to code while playing different exciting games. They can play in teams, competing with each other, which gives them an impulse to start thinking, to brainstorm a better idea to outsmart other teams. There are robots like Cue (Wonder Workshop), Dash, as well as many robots coming from Photon, Roboobo Education, Pai Technology, and many more.

For example, kids can play many different games with micro:bit. It's a tiny computer that promotes digital creativity. You can create animations, simple games. It also can sense temperature and movement with its sensors.

Playing with robots and creating simple games motivates kids to think out of the box. It will always be fun to develop a game on your own and challenging at the same time. Their self-confidence comes easily. When kids learn how to code, it allows them to create something new excitingly and creatively.

It opens career opportunities for your child

Just imagine that you are a kid, 5 to 6-year-old and all you do is watching kids tv series. It is all good, but wouldn't it be better if you start developing your logical thinking, your problem-solving skills, communication, and presentation skills, your teamwork? After a few years of fun play, while studying, you will be familiar with a few coding languages. Not a deep understanding, of course, but you will know a lot for your age.

Then, while growing, you will develop more and more personal and professional skills. There are many teenagers between 12-16 years who already did their first smartphone apps, websites, etc. And those inventions are often incredibly-good. In my opinion, you will be delighted with such a result. Being a 15-year-old teenager with his first invention, earning his own money without asking his parents – that's amazing. I will agree with you that not everyone has entrepreneurial skills, but on the other hand, you may be a brilliant future IT, QA specialist, or even digital marketer.

Coding is the future

Year by year, we are seeing a lot of companies that start relying on computer coding and digitalization of their businesses. A wide range of sectors is involved in the digitalization, not just the technology sector. They do not need only a website, but more often, they start looking for custom CMS, CRM systems, smartphone apps, and more, and more. And yes, after that they would need a person/team in the company to analyze, maintain, and manage those systems.

A kid with a coding background has the potential of starting his career in many related fields and sectors, no matter which industry they decide to enter. The state schools are still not ready to provide the essential education of coding to their students. Well, there might be well-prepared teachers in such a school, but in general, private schools are your most excellent option.


Creating an environment in which kids can develop their logical and analytical thinking is essential. Do the research and choose the best coding school in your city. Every kid needs proper help to get into the world of coding, and that is the place where MindHub comes. Go through our website to take a better idea of who we are and what we do. You can even take advantage of our personalized offer and open coding school for kids in your city.

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