What is MindHub?

MindHub is the first innovative coding club for kids & teens between the the ages of 6 to 18 years.

Our courses help children develop their own logical and analytical thinking by studying the fundamentals of programming. We believe that digital skills are the main prerequisites for success in the occupations of the future. Our mission is to funnel children's interest in technology in a direction which would help them master basic digital skills and competences along with logical and analytical thinking necessary for success in any field. We use an original curriculum, entirely project-oriented, which allows children to begin their studies with us at the age of 6, and complete them by teaching them a programming language at the age of 10. Methods and tools that we work with are extremely innovative and developed specifically for teaching children programming, in a way which is consistent with the age of the children, and presented in an interesting way in the program. With a lot of passion and innovation, we create an environment where children are able to stand out!

Polly Yankova Founder / Mentor

Qualities and skills

Our mentors are professionals - educators, mathematicians and IT specialists who successfully hold the attention of children during classes, and provoke their creativity and desire to achieve their goals.

  • Individual approach

    We apply an individual approach to every student, we encourage their creativity and help them develop complex skills needed for success

  • Attention retention

    We manage to engage the attention of your child for the duration of the class.

  • Feedback

    Two-component feedback - a project created by children and feedback from mentors in their submission criteria.

  • A child's friend

    Each mentor of our team will treat your child as a friend.

  • Group breakdown

    We create a friendly social environment for children working in small groups of close age.

  • High Tech

    The methods and tools we work with are innovative and developed specifically for teaching children programming.

Our team

What matters to us is developing childrens' skills and intellect as well as justifying their parents' trust.

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We gain experience and knowledge from people in various fields of knowledge which helps us find the right direction.

Yasen Yankov Advisor / СТО

Would you like to become a part of our team?

If you consider yourself an energetic person with a lot of drive and desire for innovation, you are the perfect candidate for our team! Drop us a line!